Keep Your Doors Open and Your Freezer Ice-Cold

Commercial Refrigeration Service in Weatherford, TX

If you run a restaurant in the Weatherford, Texas area, you know that reliable refrigeration is essential. Fortunately, Fannin Mechanical has got your back. We offer commercial refrigeration repairs and replacements and light HVAC services for commercial property owners in the area.

Is something wrong with your refrigeration system or walk-in freezer? Contact Fannin Mechanical ASAP and we’ll send an experienced contractor out to your location to check it out.

Make sure these 4 things are in great working order

Make sure these 4 things are in great working order

The talented HVAC technicians at Fannin Mechanical will get your commercial refrigeration system up and running. We’ll take care to check on the functionality of your:

  1. Compressor – your compressor pressurizes Freon gas and sends it to the condenser.
  2. Condenser – your condenser gets rid of heat in the gas, then turns the gas into a liquid.
  3. Meter – the liquid then passes through the meter and cools down your unit.
  4. Evaporator – your evaporator turns the liquid back into a gas, which goes back up into the compressor to repeat the cycle.

If any part of this refrigeration cycle fails, the whole system can be compromised. Avoid a refrigeration crisis by trusting Fannin Mechanical to make any needed repairs.

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